Tricks of the Trade

2018 is here! Those New Year’s resolutions are fresh in your mind and you’re ready to get things rolling, and we here at RAC are excited for you! But we don’t want things to just getting rolling for 6-8 weeks. We want you to thrive this 2018! The secret to living a healthy life is not really a secret at all…It’s really all about consistency. But this is where most people struggle. As soon as “life” happens, too often our health ambitions go out the window. You tell yourself “well… it won’t hurt if I miss just one workout…” That one missed workout often triggers the mindset that leads you down the wrong path… Then you eventually find yourself completely derailed from your original goals. Well don’t fret, we’re here to help you finish what you started. Let’s discuss some potent strategies to keep you on track all year long.

  1. Be Accountable: Accountability to an external source ALWAYS works better than instinctive training. There are multiple forms of accountability to keep you on track.
  2. Act the part: There will be many days that your mind and body will scream in silence for you to just stay home and skip that workout. If that’s the case for you, take it step by step in acting the part. First, get out of bed and make breakfast… Take a shower and get dressed… Get in your car and start heading toward RAC. You still may not want to workout that day, but you’re setting yourself up for success by just taking the steps to get to the gym. Once you’re in the gym, you’re bound to find yourself doing something!
  3. Set your ambitions around behaviors, not outcomes: Goals such as losing weight are great… but they’re not enough. You need to have goals that you can fully control. Human physiology can be unpredictable at times. Your choices, however, are completely in your hands. Thus, make behavior goals such as getting 18 workouts in the month, eating 150 grams of lean protein per day, drinking more water each day. Chances are that these behavior changes will lead to better outcomes…

Here are three basic strategies that are easy to remember and employ. We have got the resources, you just need to use them! Happy New Year!