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Junior Swim Program

Our seasonal swim clinics offer both beginner and advanced junior swimmers an opportunity to improve their swimming fundamentals, mechanics, skills and conditioning. All water safe skill levels and swim interests are encouraged to join. This clinic is a great for improving your swim performance, or as a kick start for new swimmer athletes.

March Stroke and Turn Swim Clinic

Get ready for an exciting summer of swim! Join us for a tune up in our Five Week Stroke and Turn clinic. During this clinic we will break down each stroke. Training will cover each element of your stroke; kick, arm stroke and breathing technique. Fun in and out of water drills will help swimmers focus on each basic part of the stroke.

Week 1: Freestyle
Week 2: Backstroke
Week 3: Butterfly
Week 4: Breaststroke
Week 5: Individual swimmer stroke refinements.

Each week we will apply instruction for starts, stroke, turn and timing.

Practice Schedule

March 1 – April 1
4:00pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm group based on age and skill level

Clinic Cost: $115 (Sibling discount available, 10% off)

Coach Steven Minnich is a fellow RAC member and swim parent with a long-standing vocation in aquatics. His coaching experience includes Master swim coach, Junior swim coach and as a swim instructor for swimming and aquatic life saving; with the Boy Scouts of America, YMCA and various community pools. [email protected]

Following our state and county COVID-19 guidelines we have prepared a healthier community club to provide positive physical and mental experiences for maturing minds and bodies. Our swim coaches will use appropriate tools and techniques to make this program fun and safe.

For more information, email us at [email protected]

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