RAC Aware – The Benefits of a Health Club

Provided by: www.livestrong.com and www.goodlifehealthclubs.com.au

Health Going to the gym is good for your health and fitness!
HEART- Exercising daily strengthens your heart and allows it to pump more efficiently with less strain.
WEIGHT LOSS- Working out every day will help you control your weight.
MENTAL- Being in contact with people on a regular basis and will enhance your social life as well as the way that you feel about yourself. FamilyDoctor.org states that regular exercise helps treat depression. Taking the time to work out every day is doing something nice for yourself, which will make you feel calm and content.
AND MUCH MORE- Regular exercise may lower your risk of developing diabetes, metabolic syndrome and some types of cancer, such as colon cancer and breast cancer. Combining aerobic exercise with strength training helps your muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons remain in good shape, making you stronger and more flexible.

Access to Equipment One of the big advantages of joining a health club is the wide array of equipment available, including cardio machines, strength machines, weights, boxing kits and various functional training gear. As well as everything you can find outside the fitness floor- tennis, swimming, sauna, nutrition, massage and more.

Accountability It is a great way to be social and meet like-minded people. Group fitness classes will help you work towards your goals and are a fun way to make friends. Once you connect with someone at your fitness level and appoint them as your official training buddy, you’ll be able to team up for maximum results.

Knowledge Access to qualified, experienced personal trainers on hand who can advise you on the best exercises for reaching your goals. They can give you individualized direction for your workouts in the gym, keeping you safe and motivating you along the way too.

Routine It’s easy to establish a healthy routine with a club membership when you have the use of facilities regardless of rain, hail or shine outside.

Energy One of the side effects of exercise is an increase in energy levels and enhanced mood, due to the release of natural, happy endorphins. Fitness centers offer group classes which allow the support and camaraderie of others as opposed to working out at home alone.

Challenge Get inspired to up your challenge level by the performance of others, variety of equipment, new opportunities and the undiscovered.

Motivation You either love exercise or you have to drag yourself along to get it done! If you’re one of the latter, heading to the gym and being around others who are in the same situation as you can be just the incentive and motivation you need to keep going. You might even find yourself converting into an exercise lover when you’re heading to the gym on a more regular basis, hitting your fitness goals and seeing results on the inside and out!