RAC Aware- Heart Rate Based Training

Provided by: www.heartzones.com


Do you want:

• to improve your health, by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels and seeing weight loss or stability?

• to improve your fitness, as measured by improving your cardiovascular capacity?

• to improve your athletic performance, by raising your threshold as close as possible to your max heart rate?

Whether you are aiming for a weight-loss or any fitness goal, it is always essential for you to listen and know what your body is telling you. Although you intend to say that you are actively participating in different fitness activities and routines on a daily basis, it is always with the proper heart training that you can achieve an improved state of fitness and wellness in totality.

You have to understand that heart rate training is not tools to make you the fastest or the strongest. These are apparently great and efficient tools in tracking the intensity of your workout routines and activities. When you monitor your heart rate during your training and activities, you not only improve your fitness routines but also you are guiding yourself at which workout and at what intensity to train.

Group exercise, historically, has always been the gold standard. One size doesn’t fit all. Your sneakers are fitted; your training should be, too. Success is built around you and your abilities, interests, personality, and other important characteristics, such as body type, genetic makeup, mental stamina, and muscle structure. What works for someone else may not work as well for you. With heart rate training you start at whatever fitness level you’re on and watch yourself improve, because you’ll be seeing, feeling, touching, watching the metamorphosis of your body lead to your increased personal power. As for time one of the greatest benefits is that you’ll get more fitness in less time. You can train as little as ten minutes a day and see measurable benefits.

The only way to get the multiple benefits we desire in a realistic, doable amount of time is through an understanding of the multiple zones our hearts work through. Within each training zone, different physiological activities – different stimuli to the body – occur. For example, if you want to get the health benefits of lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure, you need to train in the Healthy Heart zone, because those are the principle benefits of that zone. If you want to get faster as an athlete, you’ll be spending at least some time in the Red Line zone, an area that fitness folks rarely touch. When you’re spending time in each of these different zones, you’re accumulating the benefits of each one. These physiological and psycho-biological benefits include the metabolizing of different fuels (i.e. burning fat and carbohydrates), strengthening sport specific muscles, cardiovascularly conditioning different oxygen delivery systems, and training kinesthetic pacing skills.

The best part of it is you get to choose what benefits you want, and when! As your body and mind link with the accurate and reliable information from your monitor, you’re able to achieve the small and the big goals that you want. The lifestyle offered here can take you to new levels of health, fitness, and performance. For those of us who live the lifestyle, it offers a deep feeling of fulfillment and happiness.


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