RAC Aware – Going the extra mile

Why (oh, why) would you run a marathon?
www.runnersworld.com – ‘52 Reasons to Run a Marathon’

  1. Exuberance—The marathon is mythical. While you can get an amazing high from tackling any race distance, conquering the mother of all races gives you a high which is hard to duplicate.
  2. Inspire others—Doesn’t matter if you are speeding to a PR, crawling to the finish, or anything in between, someone on the sidelines is going to start running soon because of seeing you pushing through this distance…
  3. Catered exercise—One of the hardest things about staying in shape is we find excuses not to do it. The body likes being efficient (aka “lazy”.) But here you are, with people handing you drinks and towels and food just to go for a long run.
  4. Nice quads… Nice calves… Nice buttocks… Nice abs…
  5. Butterflies—Getting older means there are less “firsts.” No graduations, no first cars, or first houses. Fewer things to make you feel all bubbly in your tummy. But try standing at the starting line of a 26.2 mile run and not be excited…
  6. Better understanding of calories—No, you can’t eat whatever you want. You will actually be shocked how few calories exercise burns and how many are in what we eat. A marathon puts that frappuccino into perspective. Do you really want that extra helping when you know it will take 10 miles to burn it off?…
  7. Because you can—Think about how many people would love the option of running a marathon. You have that option.

Why (oh, why) would you do a Duathlon?
www.medium.com– ‘Why duathlon is the perfect multisport for beginners’
Are you a runner or cyclist interested in trying something new? Or have you recently started exercising regularly and want a challenge outside the gym?
You don’t have to swim. – You can run or ride right from your front door.
Smaller fields. – Enjoy a low-key atmosphere. It’s way less intimidating to do your first du with a group of 80 than a field of 3,000.
“I loved the challenge, the friendly atmosphere, and the opportunity to combine two sports I loved — running and cycling — into one mondo event.” -Heather R. Johnson

Why (oh, why) would you do a Triathlon?
www.scientifictriathlon.com– ‘Want to become one of 5+ million triathletes? Read this first!’
There are many reasons why triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports around, and why you should get involved.
You’ll get massive health benefits – live longer, minimize risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease.
You’ll experience weight-loss and fat-loss by burning more calories than ever before!
You’ll have a whole lot of FUN – the variety in triathlon training takes care of that.
You’ll enjoy socializing with fellow triathletes (they’re a nice bunch!) from all walks of life in both training and racing.
You’ll get more energetic and productive in the rest of your life.
You’ll become a role model for kids, family and friends.
You’ll enjoy pushing your boundaries.
Lack of time is a big obstacle for most people. But, if you’re like most people, you’ll soon find that if you do a workout first thing in the morning, you’ll be a whole lot more effective and productive the rest of the day, and get things done so much quicker than before!

But… I’m not in shape… I don’t have the gear… It costs too much… I can’t swim… I don’t know how to train…
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