The rules are simple and the game is easy, fun, and friendly.

This highly addictive game is a combination of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. Using a Pickleball paddle, wiffle ball, and a low net makes it ideal for all ages and abilities.

Equipment will be provided at the RAC front desk, but you’ll soon want your own because you will get hooked!

90 Minute reservations can be made for singles or doubles games through the RAC member portal, 7 days a week.

Pickleball Drop-In's

MONDAY | 9:00 am
TUESDAY | 6:00 pm
WEDNESDAY | 9:00 am and 6:00 pm
FRIDAY | 9:00 am
SATURDAY | 9:00 am
SUNDAY | 9:00 am

Book your spot up to 3 days in advance in the RAC member portal under ‘class schedule’.

Paddles & Brews

First Friday of Each Month | Next – June 3 | 5:30-7:30pm

A very fun social Pickleball Round Robin, offering a free brew for each player! $5 members / $15 club guests. Guest Registration

Memorial Day Round Robin

Monday, May 30 | 8:30am 

$5 members/ $15 guests

Members Enroll HERE -enrollment available on 5/30 date.

Blind Date Social

Saturday |  June 11 | 8:30am

Join us for a fun twist on a Doubles Social! Sign up “solo” then be paired with multiple Blind Date Paddles. All levels welcome! 2.5-4.0. Pairings will be made up at your level. Game rotation, music, drinks and more!

$15 members /$25 guests
Deadline to sign-up June 8th
Members- Enroll HERE on event date
Guests- Enroll HERE

Pickleball Lessons

by Positive Dinking

Positive Dinking is the teaching duo of best “dinking buddies” Mo Nard and Reine Steel. They always work as a team – not only to offer students different perspectives and strengths, but because it’s more fun! They have a passion for playing and teaching pickleball, and love watching their students grow. Together, they have helped hundreds of students improve their game.

Mo and Reine are PCI (Pickleball Coaching International) Certified instructors. In addition, Mo is a PPR Certified Pro. Reine is also the creator of the PlayTime Scheduler website used by over 75,000 players around the world.

To set up a lesson time, email Positive Dinking and be sure to indicate you are a RAC member.
[email protected]

Want to find a player?

Visit Playtime Scheduler to find other local Pickleball players to join you at RAC!

Please note, you are still required book the court time through the ‘Member Login’ portal.

If you have any questions about Pickleball email Karla at [email protected]

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