Christelle Semenjuk-Magnier

Fitness Coach

Over 15 years in the fitness industry and has been with Rollingwood since 2009. She thrives to grow herself and her expertise, loves to challenge herself through fitness competitions, and strives to contribute to making this world a better place to live. When training with Christelle she appropriately challenges clients and the intensity is calibrated to meet their needs and goals. She is committed to building a program that will engage clients in broad, creative, and fun experiences while moving individuals toward fulfilling their goals. She wants you to be the BEST YOU possible!

She is a certified Personal Trainer through ACE, a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor through the BEES of CREPS of Lorraine, France, a certified Pilates Reformer Instructor with NETA, a certified Les Mills GRIT & Bodyflow Instructor, and has completed multiple fitness specialty certifications – Lifestyle & Behavioral Coaching, Sports Nutrition & Body Composition, Kettle Bell, Functional Flexibility, and more!