May Newsletter

Hello Rollingwood YMCA Members!
I am very excited that the Rollingwood Athletic Club has joined the YMCA of Superior California association as our newest branch! We know change and transition is a process and can be uncomfortable. I hope you are feeling a little more secure about this transition as you get a chance to talk with me, ask questions, and see how things unfold.
As you may have heard me say previously, I think the YMCA is a very good fit to take on this organization. We have similar priorities, programs, and values. We believe the YMCA is a family where all should feel welcome and have a sense of belonging. Over the course of the next few months you will hear more from the team and I, as we seek your input on various topics. You can expect surveys, emails, and more member meet and greet times for you to share your thoughts and ideas as to how we can make sure this branch is able to be sustainable for years to come.
The weeks and months ahead will be a time for me to listen, observe, ask questions, and gather information so that I can make informed decisions about how we can best support you and this community. I ask for your patience, grace, and understanding as no transition is flawless or without difficulties. There will be times you might be inconvenienced, and I apologize for those times in advance. Know that it is our goal to correct errors made and improve with each step along the way.
Thank you for being a member and for your support while we take the torch and try to run with it to maintain the services you have come to know and love in this community.
Sharna Braucks
President & CEO

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