Did You Know

Did You Know – by, Lynn Alberts, PT, CMT of RAC
If you have trouble sleeping at night, try reducing your sodium intake by one teaspoon.
At the 32nd European Association of Urology a presentation was given from Japanese researchers. They stated in their findings, that reducing your sodium intake drops your frequency of urination during the night from the average of 2.3 times per night to 1.4 time per night.

It is such a tricky thing to know when, if and how much to take. When under stress B vitamins are a great to take. However, you should take the complex, do not single out B’s. For example B6 or B12. If you are taking calcium for bone health, make sure you also take Magnesium and D3. Calcium won’t break down without friends to help. There is more bone health out of Magnesium, than in Calcium. If you have an excess of calcium, taking too much without Magnesium can lead to soft tissue calcification or perhaps arthritis.

Home cooked meals are more healthy than eating out.
You can control your sugar, salt and fat. All of these are found in making food taste great, then more you have the more you want. When we eat at home we also eat less food- save on calories and cost!