Introducing The Garage


Introducing The Garage

Opening this December!
This innovative and modernized fitness studio will support our new TruZone classes, Sports Performance program, and numerous other exhilarating functions!

What you will find in the studio…
The Garage will be outfitted with brand new, top of the line, artificial turf. This surface will allow for a variety of applications including plyometrics, agility based training, sled pushing/pulling, all while being extremely joint friendly.

It will also be equipped with new exercise modalities, including Schwinn ADPro Bikes, SkiErgs, and Concept 2 Rowing machines. It will have a TRX Suspension Training zone, free weights, and monitors that display your Heart Rates with real time feedback!

We also topped this room off with a superior sound system. There is nothing that can improve your workout experience like an amazing music playlist to match the intensity of your workout. Now you will be able to match the rhythm of your heart beat to the sound of your favorite songs! And you won’t have to worry about the sound carrying into the rest of the club either… We are outfitting the room with excellent sound insulation, so you can crank up that music without it permeating the rest of the facility!

Every detail of this room is made with the intent to improve YOUR experience as a RAC Member.