A New Year, A New You – The Possibilities are Endless

Here at RAC our mission is your wellness. Which requires a certain type of mindset, not only by the members, but also the staff. Real people, real dreams, real success is where life and wellness flourish. Inspiration can come from so many places. Each new beginning starts unique and ends unique.

Meet RAC member Gwen. Gwen had a rich and busy life full of many adventures, but started brand new after retiring. Then 212 lbs, she knew self wellness needed to be a top priority. Gwen knew “if nothing changes, nothing changes”, and NOW that is a good thing. Working with a trainer was the big difference. 4 years later she “has the best 70 year old but at the gym” and “sets a good example for my adult kids”. If you’re looking for how to get started Gwen says, “get an assessment, it doesn’t cost anything”.  

A members success is driven by the expert trainers at RAC. Expertise doesn’t always mean schooling and living fitness. It also means personal experience and growth. Many members of the RAC team have an amazing story behind why they are here today and how they can truly help you succeed.

Like RAC Trainer Diane. At age 26 Diane was overweight and unhappy, when she “woke up and decided I was tired of hating myself and everything around me”. Diane knew it had to be a major change for her to get started. “I walked into a 24 hour fitness near my apartment, chose a picture from the personal trainer wall of photos, and bought 10 sessions right there, on the spot”. For her, failure was not an option, she was going to be successful, “no matter what excuse I gave myself”. For Diane those training sessions turned into a 9 year story she “never imagined possible”. We are proud to have Diane at RAC to motivate each of you. But, it won’t be easy, Diane tells us, “Results stem from hard work. Period”.


Some stories are also love stories, like the incredible transformation of RAC Trainer Holly and her husband, RAC member, Darin. They started at the bottom. Darin needing high blood pressure medication before the age of 30, and Holly peaking at a size 22. Life was, well… delicious, in all the wrong ways. Having their son, changed their lives and their goals. “Both of us were overweight as kids, teens and young adults”, “we knew we had to do something so he would not go through what we did growing up”. Holly signed up for a 12 week bootcamp and started food logging. Darin followed her lead. “I was hooked and never looked back”. After the first year Holly lost 63.5 inches, 17% body fat and became a size 6. Darin lost 120 lbs. “The experience was so meaningful that I (Holly) went from being engulfed in corporate America (yuck) to training and testing to become a fitness instructor”. For Holly and Darin, personal goals can always change, but “the number one goal is to teach our son healthy habits he can use for the rest of his life – which in turn keeps us from slipping back into our old unhealthy ways”.

As Holly puts it, “You are never too old, stubborn or out of shape to start getting healthier”. So we invite you, encourage you, inspire you to seek your ultimate wellness. Get a free assessment today, try something new and never look back, the possibilities are endless.